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Gon' have to do it
It's live y'know?
It's feelin real right right now
It's that live shit
Madlib on the keys y'all, let's go
Yeah, let's, uhh, yeah

[Verse 1]
We, back on the scene, white Nike, creased jean
Fresh tees, hat low fo' niggas like me
Blindfold, eyes open, heart closed, life froze
Time went, stacked chips she spent
Young pimp pro fit, don't flip, rumor trip sideswitch
Gun bust, cuffs click, no trust, true shit
Boss Hog's no dick, nickname's mo' snitch
Big games no glitch, eight hoes won't simp
Any grip don't sip
Pitch black nightshift, two homies sell switch clear zips
Blunt lit, sticky fingertips, wordplay grip
Niggas gettin buck when the sound lift
It's that ock shit, whom you are not wit
We still showin no love, how you forgot this
We live as it gets mash for the check
Respect, play it 'til it cracks your tape deck

Nigga, that's all I know
The life, the streets... the beefs, the rhymes
The beat, that's all I need
The dough, the weed, my heat, the hoes
My folks, the beat - that's all I know
The life, the streets... the beef, the rhymes
The beat, that's all I need
The dough, the weed, my heat, my hoes, my folks

[Verse 2]
You in tune to that live shit
Genocide who out of line get your line clipped
Street Heisman timeless game, dog watch your dame we trouble
Fuck the digits we get hotel room numbers we don't love 'em
Catch me at the movies holdin hands NOPE~!
Blockbuster mack, hold dick in her throat
Scope help you clean that, serious I'll be back
Rap star got me duckin groupies like dodgeball
Red alert better check yo' scanner
Lyrically this ain't yo' David Banners beyond the camera
Ox banger wolfs around the feet but hang up
Shit's over, this the raw shit niggas crank up


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