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[Verse 1:Meek Mill]
I said I'm cooler than a fan fresh like it's Easter
Pull up on that banshee be like Hasta la vister
Heser thought that's what they all say skeezers
I just fucked her yesterday homie you can keep her
Believe her, I don't do nothin I'm a ball
I'm a stand up nigga
I jump up everytime I fall
Everytime I lost I came back like cook crack
Got my hand up in the game and I ain't never look back
I said I'm good, I'm hood, I wish a nigga would
Try to take me for a sucker he get hit up just because
Can't shake em off for nothing, they be hating but for what
Cause I ain't even get a deal but
When I do they be like UHH!
Sick ya bitch all up on my dick
Cause you a bug, you a flee and I'm a G
I ain't no Crip I ain't no Blood
But I don't bend no I don't budge
I keep that semi by my gut
A nigga tempt me fire up
I let that sig blow light em up
I say I ain't got that hazy
You know I got that kush
Niggas rolling on that dirt be smokin that Reggie Bush
Said they always speak my name
But when they see me they never look
Cause they know I keep that flamer
But hold up that's another book
I said them shooters on deck
Goonies over there, and that ain't even counting for tooly that wear
I said they bitches, pussy, coochie over there
So many clips it look like we shootin for a movie over here

[Verse 2: Gillie]
E.A. they don't pop, lock, and drop it
Round here in North Philly
They stop, cock, and pop it
Put you on your dyin bed
Leave you on that lead dying
Bust ya head up out that bread
A nigga bet not dare try it
I'm a motherfuckin gangster
Spank you with that banger
Soak you with that toaster

You niggas straight cho-cha
Pussy ass niggas for tha hundred I'll soak ya
Leave ya wet and gushy
I'm messin with some rookies
My drop top ridin
And my Glock cock ridin
And I'm hangin out that window and I won't stop firen
Til a nigga on the ground and he twitchin
I walk down on em look em in his eyes stop bitchin
His mama fillin reports da boy he missin
These niggas tellin lies they ain't never sold a pigeon
Ain't got to go to BET to see how I'm livin
Just got to North Philly
And ask for that boy Gillie (They gonna tell you he's a gangster)

[Verse 3: Oschino]
I'm Oschino
You know I got dem kilos
You know I got that fish if you tryna find nemo
My Glocks straight from consemos
Six feet p low you get d pro
If you try to burn me like that bitch Yolanda do niggas pee holes

Gucci frames they shade my vision
She on my dick like circumcision
Niggas mad at me cause they pockets flat like plasma televisions
Elevate mind he probably fucked her
I ain't mad nigga that's what's up
Fuck that bitch let's get deez bucks
I bout my green in God I trust
And trust I grind and coupes I drop
More hot on da block
Like when a cop get popped
Got it jumpin hoppin scotch
Why you hit nigga where da choppaz chop
Standin tall as city hall
Get on his CD nigga naw
Weirdos I can't fuck with ya'll
Meek in his bag nigga I'm in da broad
My young bulls clap like a applause
Be on ya ass like polo draws
Gettin dollaz go-go bars
Why you think we go so hard
Straight from da hood we don't kno no laws
All we kno is cars, broads, bars
Mounts o'z, hard, weed in jars
Guns, vest
Hustle, rest, projects
Killin, shootin, lootin
We a mess
No rep I talk with a tec
Burn it down nigga they correct
Go to war with the ATF

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