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Jjj-Jahlil Beats, holla at me
Grand Hustle nigga, money [x3]

You know me I'm so fly
Be looking like money everytime I ride by
Got them benjies in my pocket and money on my mind
If it ain't about no paper then it ain't about I
Cause I get, get, get it, money I get

I step up in the club, I be feeling like I'm Meech
When I be in the hood, I be probably with your bitch
You know she probably on my tip
Because I'm probably the shit

[Verse 1]
Listen I'm a ball 'till I fall
Spend it like I print it

Got shawty in the low
Cause I get, get, get it

Don't worry 'bout it
I probably just hit it
I ain't stubborn with them hoes
You can have her back nigga

I'm a boss, shit everything I does I do
I don't even wanna but it If I can't cop two
If ain't about no paper
Then it ain't about who
Ain't about I, cause I be on my grind

I'm a trap-a-holic
My niggas be balling
You niggas be frauding

I spit like I'm retarted
You niggas know the deal
I be riding martian
Pull up in a spaceship
Shit on you like a toilet

Them bitches be like ew
Them haters gotta smell my shit

Red horse on my shirt, red stripes on my Knicks
Put That Porsche shit to Work
Boxster five percent
Slide through your hood Like hater was good!?


I say I got my first bit of money thought I knew it all
Went to MIA south beach blew it all
Came back to the hood trapping super hard
Super down look at me now Superstar

In that black on black Charger rims soy sauce
Bunch of diamonds in my chain the wrist Audemars
Bitches give me head and tail like a quarter toss
Cause I just signed to grand hustle I'm for sure to ball
I say we be the freshest
Jewlery be vvs'n

Caddy be dts'n
Like Khalad shit we the best
And I tell them hoes I don't wanna talk just leave a message
Automatic stash boxes so they can't see the weapons
But I be GT repping Grand Hustle the muscle
No we don't love these whores I jus love wen I fuck 'em
No I don't tuck 'em nor do I love em or cuff 'em
I jus hit 'em and split 'em pass 'em off to my cousin


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