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Bottle after bottle, Model after model
Spendin’ all this paper like I fucking won the lotto
All I know is YOLO, nigga thats the motto
Ricky told me get ‘em and I told ‘em that I got ‘em
And I got ‘em erryday, erryday
Bad bitches gon fuck me everyway, never stay
Once I get it, than I’m dippin’ thata way thata way

Young, came up from the bottom and I never had a way
I really went from wooping 62′s, to whippin 62′s
Ain't none of the homies crippin’
We giving niggas the blues

We buying they hoes bags, gettin they bitches shoes
You wonder why she ain't fucking you
Winning nigga, you lose

Yeah, I’m flexing, I pull up on the Ghost
Hundred on my necklace
And my diamonds clear they VVS’ing
I turn into a toilet on these? they BS’ing
Two fingers, did it on ‘em
Hold up, I really shitted on ‘em
I dropped Dreamchaser and I made a milly on ‘em
It don’t matter what city I’m in, I’m going Philly on ‘em
With my red P hat, you don’t know, we back

‘Bout to go to Houston, heard thats where the chief at
Hiding with the ? down
I could’nt get it man, get ready for that

Me and Wale finna drop to that real soon man
I was just playing around
Shout out to the homie Drizzy, all YMCMB
It’s double MG we in the building

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