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Un enfant nu
Marche sur l herbe

Sa culotte est tombee
Il croque des morceaux de nuages
Dans la soiree
Bienvenue dans l inconnu

Step inside, step inside
Step inside my clairiere
Step inside girl

La clairiere est arrivee...

Dans la foret
Les nuages


Step inside, step inside
Step inside my clairiere
Step inside girl...

La clairiere est arrivee...

Step inside the clairiere, where we worship the sun
That's the only one where we all came from
One since my mom gave birth to me, I'm so glad she
Didn't abort me
. I have so much going on
Since the old school, yeah, we been chillin on the grass
We smoke and we don't give a fuck, we loc'd
Off the red wine and cordon rouge
And you know who, I'm showing respect
To the sun, the number one where we all come from
In the clairiere, so much drama going through the clairiere

Step inside my clairiere

Oubliee ma clairiere


Et ca y est sur l horizon
Il court comme un enfant dans l horizon
Dans la main de la guerre
Il cherche la clairiere

Dans cette clairiere
Il a chante
Il a danse
Il va crier
Vas y prend

La clairiere est arrivee

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