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[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]


Wolf Gang!


I ain’t even on my cool yet
Nigga finna' break a fuckin cool sweat
And I got my mouth piece tool set
Finna' leave you and your crew wet
Stuntin' on niggas whithout the coop yes
Gold grill like a fucking jewel chest
Bling, as I ride around your city
King of diamonds silvers big ol' titties
After you taste the hemp tree
I can lay that ass down gently

I ain’t gotta got it in to bently
But I can take you some place kinda mentally
Hodgy beats bitch on any track you want, Track you want
This Odd Future gang, You can sit on any sack you want
Pack a punch, sack a lunch, facts of bunch of pay checks
I’ll be at the banks bitch
And I say the hoes but raying hoes
My cases close smoking dank ass dro
Laugh is brain the hoes I switch it up
Changing clothes from change them hoes change in rose
At award shows I'm sick as fuck
Not in a tux, but a jersey but like what the motherfuck is up
I done shortened up my motha' fuckin' verse
To say you bitch ass nigga stop copying nigga
Step your motha' fuckin' game up

Stop copying, step your game up
It's that new shit, step your game up
Oh step your game up
It's that new shit, step your game up
Stop copying, step your game up
It's that new shit, step your game up
Oh step your game up
It's that new shit, step your game up

[Verse 2: Domo Geneseis]

I’m about this shit, been a long time but I’m out this bitch, peace
Candle greeze haters been a rare hot stare by the fire like a mantle piece
Ain’t no nigga going H.A.M as me, I still stomp on niggas while they dead asleep
Watch the man retreat, white flag all I see the man’s hand up in the hands of me
Man I’ma need ten grams at least, all this damn pressure they demand to me
Smile for the pic' let my nana see
Exactly the nigga that I plan to be
I plan to be, I made it out, car pool lane on the paper route
All these niggas hungry what a basic cloud
When these niggas get thirsty I’ma make it drought
Line after line, hit after hit
Dope ass flow need two more snips
Two more mixtapes, two more bricks
I wish my uncle could see this shit
If he had knew back then I would be this sick
You probably would have been thinking on that feble shit
Now nigga show love like we legit
But honestly I don’t need that shit


Step your game up, step your game up x 6 (Hodgy:Nigga it’s wolf gang I ain’t got nothin' else to say)

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