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[Verse 1]
I'm too thowed for these hoes, my paint look so ice
In my white tee, In my coke white Nike's
When I pull push through, I never would front on my folks
I slow down and let the gold diggers count my spokes
I put 'em tenty-fours out in the summer
And I'll fuck ya baby mama on the under
What that is? I'm so fresh
On mama's nigga I look wet
I got a bike sprayed Coca-Cola red
I write hyphy shit, I'm havin bread
I turned the corner fifty times I'm a star
They don't want me, they wanna fuck my car, cause nigga I'm wet

[Hook - 2X]
I'm wet (I'm wet, I'm wet)
I'm wet (I'm wet, I'm wet)
I push around with a Mac and a Tec
I'm so fresh cause nigga I look wet

[Verse 2]
Sittin on candy, smokin on dro
Watchin T.V.'s, on my metro
Grow niggas hate on me cause I got dough
Talkin bout me to these bitches, what you sayin that fo'?
It must be them yellow hoes, I be havin with me
Or is it cause I ride through this bitch lookin sticky
What that is? I'm so fresh
I put that endo smoke in my chest
Lil' homey that's Messy Marv he from the Bay, he on fire
Fresh out of Nino Motors, black magic on my tire
I turned the corner fifty times I'm a star
They don't want me, they wanna fuck my car, cause nigga I'm wet

[Hook - 2X]

[Verse 3]
Yeah, my niggas hustle all day
Gettin money livin in them hallways (you don't hear me nigga)
Yeah, me and mom we don't play
We ride candy squeezin them AK's (you don't hear me nigga)
OK, when I puul up at the light
Them bitches say, "That nigga shit look tight" (you don't hear me nigga)
Yeah, that's what them hoes like
I ride through and put that candy in they life, cause nigga I'm wet

[Hook - 4x]

Ay, Sean T. man , hold on-hold on
Look at that nigga paint my nig
What the fuck you done to that my nigga
(That nigga shit look fucked up, ay)
Man I'm a Frisco nigga
But I come to the Town to get my shit sprayed
Man, Steve sprayed all my shit
(That's what I'm sayin man
That's how we do it out in East Palo Alto too
These niggas fuckin with that Earl shop shit)
Haha, that two hundred dollar paint shit, man (*luughing*)
You niggas better go see Steve, man, Worldwide Paint,man
(Yeah) Ay Sean hit the gas on these niggas

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