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Straight up
Respect the fly shit nigga, that’s my shit

Respect the fly shit nigga that’s my shit
Know what I’m sayin
Expect the fly shit, nigga, respect the fly shit

I ain’t bringin shit back New York we never left
My flow is dangerous, spit a banger that could sever flesh
Hard body hustle hard my niggas never rest
Night checks, Polo, my reps had me possessed
I still love 'em, fuck hoes don’t cuff em
If I ain’t pop you, I chose not to fuck bluffing
Neologist on deck peep how we coin phrases
Saw pages in the history book
Your squad lost like the innocence that mystery took
Pussy cowards under pressure be invisibly shook
My aim is accurate, the _____ make the digital ____
Primitive arithmetic will get you hit with the hook
Glorious glance romance bag yo bitch with a look
Next week she in the jeep hold and working the nook
_____ Laurenovich, one love to escovitch fish
We used to eat it up for breakfast and shit
500 series, fingerless driving gloves
Monogram Meyhem, nigga we ride with thugs
Be weary nowaday roll ins be wearing bugs
And if they rap matter fact, I’m just sharing drugs

Respect the fly shit nigga that’s my shit
Respect the fly shit nigga that’s my shit
Respect the fly shit nigga that’s my shit
Respect the fly shit nigga that’s my shit

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