M.I.A. – Illygirl Lyrics

Produced By: Blaqstarr & M.I.A.

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Illy, Illy
Illy, Illy

[Verse 1]
Daddy can be rough, that's why I can be tough
Thick skin even when it comes to little bit of love
Around doing stuff, police put me in cuffs
Ain't a victim but I am a diamond in the rough


[Verse 2]
Shirts, tops, tees, I'm always in tight jeans
I know Billie Jean, I know Bruce Springsteen
I also know Palestine and Mujahideen
Playin' Tekken on the weekend, eating mangosteen


[Verse 3]
Lean-mean-machine kinda stream with my team
I'm from England, from Mitcham near Cheam
Have you heard my dream? Even Martin Luther's keen
So I put it down on my track, explain what it means

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