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[Intro: M.I.A
Down the drain
Down the drain
Down the drain
Down down down down
Make it drop

Down the drain


Oh, It's M.I.A, whoa
Oh, it's M.I.A, whoa

[Verse 1: M.I.A]

Johnnie keep walking, Jack does too much coke
Jim Beam and Jameson, they just give me joke
When I see Pernot, I say "oh hell no"
Kahlua's a turn-off, tell him to Smirnoff
Captain Morgan shot the sparks
When we hang out, he shoot arrows through my heart
Blue Tattoo, chilling up in Malibu
He got 99 Bananas, but he's not my boo

[Hook: M.I.A]
I got sticky sticky icky icky weed
A shot of Tequila in me

I got sticky sticky icky icky weed
A shot of Tequila in me

[Verse 2: M.I.A]

When I met Seagrams, he sent Chivas down my spine
Got me on the dance floor and we start to wine
His ex Sambuca, she just a hookah
I put it on a chilla, but I want Tequila

I got you off your fucking face
I tell you what to do you want your mother, your something-or-other
I got you off your fucking face
You wound up in another place your brother, you fucking nutter

[Hook: M.I.A]

[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]
It's going d-d-d-d-d-d-d-down
Everything slow-mo in the background
When I pull it, pull it
P-p-pull it, pull it
Yeah it's sticky and I get it by the pound
Hey-o, Maya, your shit is on fire
R-Real talk, yuh no no say no man a liar

That's why I never ever take 'em to my mattress
I tell 'em "meet me in the sky, yeah that's my address"
I said I got this bad bitch Margarite
And when I see her I say "si, seniorite!"
Okay, she make me feel like I love, love
I'm like BRRRRRRR, yo, I'm fucked up!

[Hook: M.I.A]

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