Migos – Rich Then Famous (Intro) Lyrics

Produced By: Mercy

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[Hook: Takeoff]
Nigga I'll rather be rich then famous
R-Rich then famous, rich then famous
Nigga I'll rather be rich then famous
N-Nigga I'll rather be rich then famous

[Verse: 1 Takeoff]
Young nigga, young nigga I'll rather be richer
Than flexing these cameras and taking these pictures

Ima young nigga, I walk 'round the hood
Got boss credentials, they callin' me mister

Quick to shoot 3, Derek Fisher
No referee I'm official
I just might pull out my Fisker, you pussy I see your Whiskas
Call up the plug no Santa, but he sending trees of gas for Christmas
Whippin' the dope, I terminate it, J's they say it's delicious
I got a bitch in my kitchen, with a onion booty I call her Delicious
And after she water whip it, I make that bitch wash the dishes
Enter the Fisker, I'm doing 250, I'm praying I don't get a ticket
Yes I'm a Migo, but I don't wear Dickies, I'll rather put on True Religion
And if you want fame over money my nigga, then you not true to your religion
I'll rather be rich, cause its some niggas that's famous that ain't got shit


[Verse 2: Quavo]
I'll rather be rich, I flex with your bitch
You can have the fame, you can have the gold chain
M's nigga, 100 M's nigga
Got some niggas in the hood, they got M's nigga
Ask P, ask me
Northside Migo gang OG
Ridin' round, deuces on a damn Audi
Before I had a deal, young nigga copped it
Them dubs, them fifties, them hundreds, my trap always bunkin' you niggas is funny
I'm laughin with money,
beatin the pot like I'm Sonny
Taking them trips making them flip
12 hit the block then I dip
Callin' up P, for the whips
Get in the pot then I WHIP!


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