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[Hook: Chief Keef]
Bitches see me and my team and be on that
Three-hundred, Glory Boyz, we be on that
I got guap, tell your bitch to get on that
All this dough, rockin’ to the top, yeah bitch, get on that
She on that, she see me, she on that
We the Get Money team, you can’t get on that
Get off my dick tell your bitch to get on that
She not my bitch, tell your bitch to get on that

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I’ll pull out my dick, tell your bitch to get on that
She like my car, she fucked me in my foreign
She like damn, Sosa, them niggas boring
I’m flexing and finessing and I’m touring’
, I’mma finagle when I’m at Fuego
Disrespect my set, hope that boy got a halo
I’m a baller, holler, gun by my pesos
Your bitch keep on calling, tell her to let it go
My money stackin’ up so high like Lego
Tryin’ to be Sosa, this ain’t no race, though
Tryin’ to be Sosa, homeboy, you came close

These bitches know Sosa, he got that Play-Doh


[Verse 2: Young Scooter]
I’m the voice of the streets, you know I own it
I’m talkin’ way before this rap I had a foreign
After the show, I fucked your bitch and she was borin’
We came a long way from the slum, now we tourin’
BMG, I put the whole world on it
GBE, Chief Keef, that’s my homie
A half a brick, I put a whole nine on it
Warren Sapp, I keep two nines on me
I want the money badge, I have money attached
The money got me geeked – remixing, selling swag
We the finesses kings, rob a nigga with no mask
How to be a millionaire, I’ll put you on that


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