Missy Elliott – Best Friends Lyrics

Produced By: Timbaland

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My best friend say
She sick of me cryin on the phone
Tellin how the Men are doggin' me
My best friend say, don't tell her nothin' bout me can you girl
She ain't showin me no sympathy
My best friend say, if she was me she'd let you go long long time ago
My best friend say
My best friend say
I'll be there

[Refrain x2]
I'll still be there for you
In your time of need
You can lean on me
Come on
I'll be there for you

My best friend say, I can stay with her
At her house no doubt any time I like
My best friend say, don't let you ruin my life
Cause you don't do for me
And you don't act right
My best friend say
If she was me she would let you go long, long time ago
My best friend say, my best friend say

[Refrain x2]

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