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[Intro - Mistah FAB]
Shoutout to all the boutique stores out there
That sell the dope, ill shoes
Shoutout to all my sneakerheads out there
The real sneakerheads, the ones that have the originals
Don't have to wait until they come back

[Verse 1 - Mistah FAB]
I'm a sneakerhead, shoe game ill
? every color and they all ill
Brand new Pennies, every pair
Jordans that I never wear
Polo boots to match every fit
Grant Hills ill: super-sick
Reggie Miller: ? bubble
When I wear the Bo Jacksons, you in trouble
Junior Seaus, might wear the Rices
If your shoe-game up, your feet end up priceless
Little shoe strings, bananas
Air Zooms, Barry Sanders

[Hook - Mistah FAB]
I'm a sneakerhead, sneakerhead
How many heads know what I'm talking about?

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