Mobb Deep – Real Gangstaz Lyrics

Produced By: Lil Jon

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[Lil Jon]
This some of that real gangsta motherfuckin shit nigga (yeah!)
Yeahhhh! For all the real niggas out there (yeah!)
You know what I'm talkin bout? (what!)
Like my motherfuckin East coast niggas (what!)
My motherfuckin Dirty South niggas (what!)
And my motherfuckin West coast niggas (what!)

Let's go!

[Hook 2X: Havoc] + (Lil Jon)
Some, peo-ple run (yeah!)
But, gang-stas don't (yeah!)
Know my hammer stay cocked (yeah!)
If, you, leave you crippled (hey!)

Now y'all know the deal why we up in here (uh-huh)
Burn that ma, put it up in the air (c'mon)
Ma got a phattie so I'm up in her ear
Cause - these clowns wanna grill, I got the clique right there
Now you could get your ass drug around up in here
You know I know the promoter, the pound's in here
And these my parts, you outta town out here
Slow it down, pump the brakes, get found out there

I'm push that melon, what the fuck's that smellin? (pussy)
Thugs not thugs no more, they tellin (yeah)
You did that time, but you not that felon (nah)
Nigga kill the noise, your hammer not yellin
.. your infra-red not beamin (nope)
Y'all not eatin while your neck not gleamin
We don't give a fuck, flip for any ol' reason
Just for the fun have your bitch ass leakin

[Lil Jon] Okay!!


[Lil Jon]
Y'all niggas ain't gangsta
Aiyyo Prodigy, tell 'em what's up!

Yeah, all I want is the money and y'all can keep them sloppy hoes
My calender's shows booked, I ain't got time yo
Gimme the cash, keep them beat up chicks
My bank bounce gotta stay thick
You know e'ry day I stay with, the latest guns
Keep those under our belts to blaze you up
E'ry day we play with, the latest trucks
Work that tip chronic on the porch well
Don't get rat-a-tat tatted up, it be a bad look
Be wettin your pants when bullets hit, mad shook
Droppin your gun and all that, you mad puss
34 shell cases fall in one push
You get beaten and battered up, y'all little chain snapped
We still takin 'em, fuck it let the team have it
Be droppin your drinks, trippin on things scramblin
It be chaos when guns ring at him
[Lil Jon] Okay!!


[Lil Jon]
Aight it's bout to get real ugly in this motherfuckin club
What, WHAAAAAAAAT?! I need to see nothin (hey!)
But the real gangsta niggas and bitches on the dance FLO' (hey!)
YEEEEEEAHHHHH!! We gon' crank this motherfucker UP!
Let's crank this bitch up!
We need to see all y'all motherfuckers doin this shit! (what!)
Doin what?

Hey, put your middle finger up, motherfucker (motherfucker)
Put your middle finger up, motherfucker (motherfucker)
Put your middle finger up, motherfucker (motherfucker)
Put your middle finger up, motherfucker (motherfucker)
Let me hear you say - put your middle finger up, fuck you nigga!
Put your middle finger up, fuck you nigga!
Put your middle finger up, fuck you bitch!
Put your middle finger up, fuck you bitch!


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