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Hear ye! ya heard or ya leery?

Yo soy Mo Milli

150 millis of Zo each morn for Mo to equillie

Gimme some mo like Busta, ya betta fisheye lens where your cam can see like Hype Willie

What's this girlie's dilly? I'm hot like 9-7, mining scrill since 11

Good girl gone Bad Boy

Laboring to put "Flava In Ya Ear" like Craig David

Ssam I am, summer here

Cross from Momofuku straight outta Milk Bar to shrinky dink's ear

Duetting sessions like Nat King and Natalie

Analysand doing what etc and couldn't for year after year

Doctor doling the 'loft aloof in his chair in the rear

"She's off her rocker" put Momo in so many moments she'll be put in arrears

Mirror mirror in the hall, where does Milli get her gall?

Real talk: she'll be proctoring crocks of shit in whatever career

Lists of references endless

Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane real keeping surrealist Magritte

Dali dada melting clocks

Reddish mane locks tied up in a chignon

Oh, he's looking away and yawning

Fawns all up on that shit, "I'd hit that," she'd admit

Ring on the finger rule that out as trifling

Einstein and Sinai's finest kind someone subscribing to NYRB & Mother Jones

Aligned with the whining side of Mo refined alongside Yale's finest

Reminded of the time when she climbed limestone to see the New Haven horizon

Two years later drinking mojitos with lime under debt clock digital time

Miming Bronx public school decline

Grime and crit, tit for tat, write bits, pubs nix cash, quips still lash

Hit after hit unremitting with rapier's wit

Quibble with diction let syllables rasp

Freeassociate sharp nothings

Get ambivalent hyperliterate Mo on your ass

When I should be studying angiotensin for class

NYUni morass say "you need to focus"

Locus of control

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