Money$Team – 1 Tree Lyrics

Produced By: Hit-Boy

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Merry Chri$tma$ from Money$Team

[Intro: Nappy]
Ho ho ho, Merry Moneyma$

[Verse 1 - J-Franks]
Money$Team in the workshop, ready to to make it rain
We the kings of this rap shit, yet money is what reigns
Dear Santa, make sure you wrap my gifts real tight
Cause I rap tight, too, and only green feels right
After all, it's the color of my cash
I roll it up and snort lines of snow in just a flash
They so cold I call 'em icicles, like the jewelry on my neck
And while you deliver bicycles, someone's writing me a check
All this money got me friends like you wouldn't believe
I remember the pain I felt inside, I had to turn to Aleve
Now Kanye ain't the only one havin' dinner with Anna Wintour
I done it while wearin' her favorite collection of the winter
We chowed down on some coffee and gingerbread
And I always make sure to gingerly handle my bread
Plenty elves prevented the apocalypse of twenty twelve
Good thing, I still have cash collectin' dust up on the shelve

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