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[Verse 1: J-Franks]
Ho ho ho mix the rum and get drunk off that eggnog
Santa traveling supersonic like a fuckin hedgehog
Red nose from snortin so much snow, I'm talking Rudolph
Lightin' so much green up, I'm hot, now let me cool off
I said we high on Christmas like Santa in his sleigh
I'm going HAM eatin' this ham on Jesus's birthday
Drinking this drank got me spinning like a dreidel
Santa Claus is coming and so am I cause this is anal

[Verse 2: FreeJC]
No doubt, JC gon' put the tree up, lights and all
Master of the red and green, this star six feet tall
This icey rhymer bout to score like a hockey goal
Pokin' models, 39 and a half foot pole
Snowball fight, you know I throw that white around
Crowned, we three kings rep that Money$Team sound
Yarmulke swag, I'll always be sitting on top
You're a season behind still watching the leaves drop

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