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I guess I’m overjoyed
It never mattered to me
I guess I’m just a boy
It never mattered to me
Cus when your out of reach and out of touch
I know this much
It’s easier to bare

Depression is a liar
When its pressed against your will
The pressure of it kills any desire
To believe and aspire
Then it leaves you admiring the still

Eyeing from the sill
Exiled from societies mills
Sits a child you can't fill with anxiety pills

A smile
A file full of therapy
A mile for a man with his hands full of family

I guess there’s more to life
It never mattered to me
You know I’m sure right
It never mattered to me
Cus when your out of reach and out of touch
I know this much
It’s easier to bare

And the deceiver is here
Feel the grieving the teeth
Cleaving any reason to tare

Breathing the heat in a season of fear
Got you beat as a snare dreaming of air

Feet leaving you there
Either belief or despair
Beneath your aware

When it speaks feel the temperature peak in your ear
Its all fair or its warfare
Hidden in the walls bare
The children who call more then yall hear

I guess I know
I need to know

I need to punch a hole here
And you can peel it back
And you can kick it in
And scream at the world within
Is it easier to bare

So we build a new frame from the flesh we've grown
And fill our view with the things we've left alone

The games over
Pained shoulders
Aimed sober
Came the owner of the blame
And tamed that lame soldier

Had it out with my nemesis
Found what my premise is
Hung it like a cross for reference

Yes this is
The isolated break the ice awaiting
Turn the eye awakened to the burning of the lie
The mind elated

The hopelessness
The helplessness
Say they help us live
It's never easier to bare

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