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Face me
Fasten your form here
Trace me
Draw lines the patterns reborn stare hastily
For now share my ground
Bare till its weight free
Then take me
I’m out of my norm here
Make me
In bedrooms closing doors to all the hallways
In awe that I have always knelt on all your wings
Days pass I’m still here
In a daze
Fasting fearful amazed

And he says my world is in your hands
He says be careful my world is in your hands

I lost touch
I caused much and never meant to
Dry ink one eye blink
Heaven rescues
Worthy you could hurt me
How would you help me
I ask this may I have this
Feelings my mind stays fixed beyond my ceiling
Trusting in the image of my first love
Chase me cus if I run away you can’t replace me
Face me
Fear and safety

If I am
Then I need safety

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