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[Mr. Lil One]
Yo, what's crackalatin
This is all I got to say

Loddy Doddy
I love to party
Cause a lot trouble
And I bother everybody
Since I was a child
I've been feindin for attention
And what I speak is beyond your comprehension
Lunatic and I don't give a shit
Grab a hold of my nuts
And I tell you now what
I landed from the sky on the 4th of July
Landed on your flesh and shot you to the left
Ran around your blocks, afford many laughs
And every single time I was bustin my some caps
Now I'm on fucks, Mr. Washs
Ever see the Lil, you better call the cops
Peace to the huanted and peace to the wanted
Peace to the evil that be livin life illegal
I come from the land where the wicked man roam
I come from the city where you best believe its on
I see you in a hospital bed
I see you and your ass is dead
Red like my uniform make your mother morn
Born with the horns like the 13th skorn

Loddy Doddy I love to party
Cause alot of trouble and bother everybody
6 6 6, nobody likes it when I kick it like this

Loddy Doddy, fuck everybody
I'm the one that comes and fucks up the party
6 6 6, nobody likes it when I kick it like this

[Mr. Lil One]
Loddy Doddy, fuck everybody
I'm the one that comes and fucks up the party
I'm Solis, better call the police
Fuck around have your ho on her knees
Please live it up, give it up, if you said it
Yeah you regret it, you heard about automatic
The way I put it down through your pores and holes
It really don't mean, a god damn thing
Out for ya green, ya'll know what I mean
I had this bitch by the name of wicth
I thought she really was, always showin the nigga luv
Suddenly the thug in me told me how it really be
Silly of me to think she could ever be
The lady of my life, turns out that my wife
Ain't nothin but a bitch and a snitch in a ditch
It's where she belong, where did we go wrong
I'll tell you what you did, mothafucka never lived
In a fruad and a fake, with a broad and a snake
I take it to the death, every breath that I breath
Sip a little B, peace to my nigga Speedy


[Mr. Lil One]
Hehehe, thats right
Thats because you all are beyond my comprehension
Ya mean
I don't feel you
And you don't feel me
You're beyond mine
And I'm beyond yours
I kick it wit nothin but gangstas
Peace to little Speedy
My homie Tears and my dawg Mike
The rest of all, eat dick

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