Nipsey Hu$$le – U See Us Lyrics

Produced By: Mike Free

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Look at my car
Look at my girl look like a star
Look at my life
Came up, nigga we came so far
You see us
You see us, nigga (repeat 2x)

[Verse 1]
Look at my face
Look at my wrist, look at my waist

Niggas is fake, number one reason we'll never relate
Me, I get cake and I don't speak for them niggas that can't
Hussle the great, setting up shop or runnin' in banks
Fuck did you think? I would slow that? Fuck is you sayin'
Niggas was playin', me I just went from a bucket to Benz

Up in the pen where they predicted I'll be up in ten
Humble begins, but now I stunt sound hard it don't make no sense
Fly to Japan, they pay me in cash I convert it to yen
Bitch, I'm the man, bitch, I'm the man, bitch I'm the man
Go get yo' friend, I fucked you already can't fuck you again
Bitch, I'm the man, bitch, I'm the man, I'll say it again

Pay me in cash, fly to Japan and convert it to yen
BBC stores, we shut them down, it's just how we is

That's just how we live
Give wifey the twenties and fifties we spend
The hundreds we stack
, then re-up the sack and go in again

Look at my car
Look at my girl look like a star
Look at my life
Came up, nigga we came so far
You see us
You see us, nigga (repeat 2x)

[Verse 2]
Look at my plate
Look at my state now look at my plates
Everything custom sittin' on chrome, yeah that's my fate
Look at my pace, marathon life now look at my race
Look at where I started
Look at my state, got 'em lookin' my way
What could you say?
If it ain't salute, I got it lookin' like hate
Lookin' like why? Some things in life you just can't debate
You just can't relate, never drove cars from state to state
With a truck full of pounds and a 38
In a "I gotta get it type urgency," nah
Top third degree, ten toes in it like a pair of sneaks
Turf trick, he need a pair of cleats
Still I stayed down and emerged a beast
Out of town, I done worked for a week
Let a young nigga splurge in peace
We fuckin' up Lenox just me and my niggas
We ballin' like Nino and G
Was driving my Regal in heat
Caprone had kilos for cheap
Was rollin', but niggas was deep
The block was conjunct to my legal release
Was rappin' and now it's so sweet
They actually bow to my feet
The women around me is freaks
The money is long, my power is deep

[Hook](repeat 2x)

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