No Malice – Different Lyrics

Produced By: PK Oneday

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[Hook: PK Oneday and Bri]
I’m different (I’m out of this world)
The king in that king, the queen in that girl
You’re different, you can stand out
If you wanna leave the orchestra
Turn your back on the crowd
‘Cus you’re different
Turn your back on the crowd
‘Cus you’re different
Turn your back on the crowd
‘Cus you’re different
Turn your back on the crowd
I’m different, she different

[Verse 1: No Malice]
Now is the time
Let this be the hour of
You being a difference, you ain’t gotta be no follower

25 to life, that’s right go ahead count em up
Tony got 400 months, you do the algebra

‘Cus I’ve yet to get it figured
The grass grown green and everything that glittered
Won’t go, funny how things unfold
The way I once start is so troubling my soul
Straight to the hole, I'll take it, the lane's open
I’m done moving the keys, I’m Beethoven
So sold out for the Lord, I’m out jocing
Some friends were like baby shoes, I’ve outgrown em
Truth be told I’m guilty as the next man
So my rhymes channel, Brother J from X-Clan
Man how could I ever leave be?
I can’t leave rap alone, the game needs me

[Hook: PK Oneday and Bri]

[Verse 2: No Malice]
Yea, I march to the beat of a different drum
You can probably tell my speech, bear a different tongue
Well I just hope it reach even if it’s one

Louie this, Gucci that, shut up you sound dumb
I know where I’m from, I’m chief sinner
I know better, just got a different agenda
I remember winter, in the cold we were selling it
Swear we would never snitch, now everybody telling it
Guess loyalty before the judge is irrelevant
I’m waiting for the light bulb to cut on like Edison
It’s evident we all gon make mistakes
When the feds got daytime in place
I’m pleading my case so you ain’t gotta proceed to the bench
Run Toby run, another brother lynched
Another brother pinch, doing bits, pulling time
My message aimed at the kids without a 9
Be different!

[Hook: PK Oneday and Bri]

[Outro: No Malice]
Baby girl, I’m here to tell you
You ain’t gotta pop it, you ain’t gotta drop it
Shake it, twerk it or bounce it
And you are still just as beautiful
You know? Be different
Turn your back on the crowd
Turn your back on the crowd
Turn your back on the crowd
Turn your back on the crowd
If you wanna lead the earth just turn
Turn your back on the crowd

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