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The sky is up high so I look down
Seeing niggas all around from my town
Saying M.E put it Down
I say so down you might drown, but they is what's up
So I call it uptown

[Verse 1: H.S]
I said I'm high up on that cloud 9
Swimming in that Blue Crush
Tripping over that cool lush
My eyes close I'm too lost
Got throwed up from that grey cup
Double cup that's too strong
Mind gone I can't think thoughts gone I can't blink
My eyes purple, I see purple, I smell purple, I feel purple
I what's up your new chick
She smelling on my new scent
She bent over that ovo
She wanting more them xo's
I'm climbing up on that pink matter
She falling back she swim good
I'm zoning out I feel good
It feel good, I feel right
Straight thoughts I'm real nice
I see twice got 4 sights
My process, is success
Loosing is your quest
Money is my fetch
What's up the sky is

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