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Produced By: Soul Syndakit

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Sometimes life can put you down
Lay you out to drown
I find myself cryin sometimes
No reason why I dry my eyes

[Verse 1: The O'My's]
Mama told me never throw no stones
Cause them stones they might break bones
But words break hearts

I knew it from the start
You will always have a piece of mine
Can you feel it?

I miss you like I left you baby
Can't you see?
You were meant for me

I find myself cryin' sometimes
Singin' to myself la da da da da
Some fly away, please take me somewhere else

Cause I can't see the sunshine in the morning
In the evening, baby girl I'm so alone

Please pick up the telephone
I'm Callin'(He's callin for you)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Noname Gypsy]
You ever find yourself in a dark alley
With a blunt and a shot glass
And tickets to Cali?

Like, bottoms up to the back of the bus
With a dream and a suitcase, and a man I can trust
Mister Jackson, Daniel
, pianos and mantels
Nina Simone alone teachin the candles
Like, "You don't know how to burn, baby try again."

I know the lady in the mirror, and I seen a faker grin
This is happy is fightin' back the actin'
This is cryin' fakin' all the laughin'

I'm good, you can see me get my smile on
Called the pearly gates, and all I got was a dial tone
I feel like wishin' is only good for kids
Birthdays, and genies, Aladdin taught me how to live
You got to take what you want in this life
Even the memories of makin it through the darkest nights

Uh, yeah
You got to take what you want in this life
Even the memories of makin it through the darkest nights


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