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[Verse 1: Twist]
Man, this money looking evil
I think it's the devil
Feel like I'm a rebel
Pedal to the metal
If you really want that bling
I pull that string like I'm Gepetto
I heard you should never settle
For that chick who rocks stilettos
, like
Everybody really wanna copy the game
Heart so cold like a rock and a chain
But I really wanna go, really wanna flow
Really wanna see when I'm ontop of the game
Now tell me how does that look now
I don't think I'll ever look down
But I feel like Peter Pan
Moosh money is Captain Hook now
Music is therapeutic everytime that I abuse it
I feel like I'm 'bout to lose it
I got it, now watch me proove it
Everybody knows so, but don't gas me like Sunoco
And you only got one life to live
Don't waste it like FourLoko

Hype me up, they wanna get me down
They wanna hold my hand, they wanna trip me now

Believe that or not, like ripley now
I feel like if I ever did a fifty pounds
Triple-double digit
My love's a hundred digits
My dream is superclean
Nobody is messing with me

I say this life is so damn crazy (crazy)
Crazier tomorrow
But look I'm knocking plain
And boy I'm rocking with my brother (brother)
I wake up in the morning
Wash my face and take a piss
Kiss that girl right on the lips
I get right back into this
But boy, you better hold it down for me
You better hold it down
And you make me feel at home
While my feet is off the ground
And you promise you gon' kill it
Just in case I don't get back
And you better hold it down for me
You better hold it down for me

[Verse 2: Moosh]
My life is getting complex
I just try to keep it simple

I gotta be the one, cause Number 2 for pencils
Man, I just keep to myself
Well, I guess I play my role

I’m new school with a tad bit of De La Soul
They coming around, they see what I got
My J on the ground, Supreme on the top
I'm on the stage, he on the block
I'm from the bottom, now we on the top
We been to every city
We do what track and brody
Say __ __ __
Suite life of Zack and Cody
How could you say that you better than me
I'm in a place, you never could see
Wherever I eat is a delicacy
Wherever I spit is competetive be
Bout' to go bazooka
The smoke look like it's hookah
I done open with two women
They hanging with Mr. Cooper
Controlling the web
I'm gunnin for Spud
You heard what I said
I'm coming for blood
W.P. I'm throwing it up
The realest of real is runnin with us
We do this for our fans
Don't get into specifics
Plus I'm doughboy in my city
So don't get it Moosh & Twisted


[Verse 3: Moosh]
How can I be so hostile
Raised on all this gospel

My pop pop always told me
Son, nobody can stop you
If you want it then you got it
Right embraces like a profit
Best believe me, you should stop it
'fore your life be on a dot at 8

[Verse 4: Twist]
Daydream in this real world
They been living that fake life

I take life and I go fast
I don't see no brake lights

But I feel like I'm the captain
Treasurers have the treasure
They say nothing lasts forever
But the stuff we had together

[Hook] x2

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