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[Verse 1]
Sip until we faded
And just like it's your Birthday or belated
We gone celebrate it
I hear your body callin' me
Feel free to release your ?
No need to keep waiting
I'm gripping on your curves like I'm racing
Givin' you motivation
You go girl, you are all I need
Explore all your fantasies

Just take a ride, just take a ride, just take a ride with me
Girl, let me dive, girl, let me dive, I wanna swim in your sea
Tell me how you feel and keep it real
I'll never leave you lonely
Sex you like we're in P
Close your eyes and you'll see

Just let me have my way, girl don't be scared
Cause I just wanna love ya (just wanna love ya)
In between the covers (between the covers)
There will be no panties in my bed
Cause I just wanna love ya (just wanna love ya)
In between the covers (between the covers)

[Verse 2]
Got my hormones racing
And in between you legs is my location ('cation)
You say it's been so vacant
I'll bring that flow, you'll never know
Got your legs up to the board
Sweet love is all you tasting (all you tasting)
Throw it back (Throw it back)
Girl, I like it like that
Might need some ventilation
It's getting hot but girl it's cold
Give you what you need times two



[Verse 3] (2x)
In between the covers I will love you like nobody, baby
Promise to do you right (you right)
We can make it last all night (all night)
Hope you're ready girl (oh girl)
Gonna take you on that flight (that flight)


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