Omega Mufowo – Fucked up shit Lyrics

Produced By: Omega

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      Verse 1
So em b***hes gon be hating
I thought we were down with this s**t!
I just wanna get down with my boo...
Lick it, lick it, lick it
Suck the blood out of me
He gon be eating me for 2 weeks
Miss ma period for 2 years
Coz man
The way you lick that p**sy
It just makes me go goody
All dem girls gon be jealous coz your swag is so..

Part 2
Enough about you
Lets talk about me
I got so much swag
You got so much dick in your ass
Fuck you swag
You da reason I sagg
I pay her 40 dollars an hour
We been fucking all day
Buh I still got money falling out my boxers
I call that, getting Guap ho!

So fuck it
You ain't live with it
I get Guap every time I spend a dollar
She get on me every time I feel like getting high
We be fucking all night
You ain't invited

Verse 2
All you hoes gon be hating
I ain't got no worries
I just wanna get up as soon as I fuck that bitch
Pa! Pa!
I smack her
While she ride me all night baby
I call this a fuck date bitch
This is how I role
And you ain't part of my life

You gotta let these shits go
Its not making sense to you right now buh...
All this rebellion
All this crazy shit you got
Saying this shit
Getting too old for this shit
You gotta grow out of it
Growing up
Your dreams getting bigger
You gotta look at reality
Understand that shit so you don't get caught
I'm not being real
Nigga, fuck you
I ain't tryna help ya man, trust me
Look, I mature day by day nigga
You don't know shit
You're a fucking therapist


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