Outside the Lines With Rap Genius – Adam Mansbach/J. Period Excerpt #6 - "Party and Bullshit" Lyrics


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SameOldShawn: You said you really liked the "Party and Bullshit" -- the use of The Last Poets -- somewhere I was reading about that -- because it totally reversed the intended meaning

Adam Mansbach: I don't know if I liked it, exactly. I mean, "like" might not be the verb I would use. But I use that as an example because it's such a profound flip of the original meaning and context

SOS: I wanted to bring it up because, when I talked to Abiodun of The Last Poets, who said that -- he's still upset about it

AM: I bet he is! He made a song that got turned entirely 180 on its head. He made a song saying, basically, there's not going to be a revolution cause motherfuckers are too busy partying and bullshitting. And Biggie took it and made it a hedonistic anthem about partying and bullshitting. If you're not upset by that, you're either a real easygoing cat -- which Abiodun is -- or you're just not paying attention. So I'm not surprised that he's pissed

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