Outside the Lines With Rap Genius – Big Daddy Kane Excerpt #1 - "Young, Gifted and Black" Lyrics


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BDK: Because of "Raw Attitude", that's how I ended up getting the music for "Young, Gifted and Black". Me and Antoinette was cool, and Marley asked about doing a promo. I was like, you know, I'm gonna have Antoinette do it with me. I made a track over at Marley's house, and me and Antoinette, we did that "Raw Attitude" promo, cause I had "Raw", and she had "I Got An Attitude". So we called the promo "Raw Attitude." We did it just for Marley, for the BLS show

But Marley took the beat and gave it to MC Shan for his album. So afterwards, I'm like, yo, that's my beat! How you just gonna give Shan my beat? I'm like, well, you owe me a beat, homie. And he's like, alright, we'll work it out. And I'm like, no, I already know what I want. Cause I had already heard that track, and that was a track that he had originally had for Shan. So I was like, no, I already know what I want. That one with the [sings beat], yeah, I need that. And that's how I ended up getting "Young, Gifted and Black"

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