Outside the Lines With Rap Genius – Dante Ross Excerpt #6: ODB Lyrics

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Dante Ross: I told this story a lot of times, when he took the LL record off the wall and pissed on it. And my other good friend Chris Lighty -- rest in peace -- was involved in that, too. I was in between a Mexican standoff between Chris and his brother, and Crazy Sam and Dirty. How no one got shot is beyond belief

He was going to do a record with LL, but LL didn't show up, and Dirty was offended. But LL wasn't going to show up. He was going to track it separately. And he was furious that LL wasn't there. He said, "LL doesn't want to meet a motherfucker. Fuck a LL. Ol' Dirty's not good enough to meet LL? Fucking motherfucker." And LL's probably, like, in L.A. -- who knows where he was? But he wasn't there. No big deal -- Dirty's getting a ten thousand dollar check

Dirty fucking lost it. And Chris came in, and Crazy Sam was there, and they had some problems. They were beefing, and it almost became like a Mexican standoff. And Dirty...I got Chris out of there, by the grace of God. Chris was going to shoot Crazy Sam, no lie. Chris was not a joke

And Dirty took an LL Cool J record off the wall and pissed on that fucking thing. He pissed on the fucking record at Chung King, pissed right on it. And I was like, you are the...I mean, he was going to get shot. It was the craziest thing of all time, and somehow I got everyone out of there

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