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Rahiem at Rap Genius

This episode of Outside the Lines With Rap Genius, we have a talk with one of hip-hop's first superstars. Guy Williams, better known as Rahiem (of all the ladies' dreams), from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. The Five took their sound and style from parties in the Bronx to stages all over the world, while having massive, world-changing hit songs like "The Message" and "White Lines." We talked to Rahiem about his life and times with the Five and afterwards, and got some incredible tales of his, and a whole genre's rise to the top

If you enjoy our interview, you can check out annotated show excerpts. You can also see Rahiem's verified Rap Genius account.

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Our next show will be #50, and we'll be celebrating with a special best-of episode! Make sure to check it out

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