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Produced By: The Worker

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[The Worker]
I've been waiting...
Waiting on the right girl to come...
(repeat many times)

I first met you on my way to a duel
You gave me a hug, I thought, this chick is cool
Then I started textin you, shit was tight
You called me once and after that you called me every night
You flirted so, I flirted back
But I had a girl, couldn't mack
Then I was at Clip's house
You sent me a picture of regions down south
And in the midst
Of all that sexiness
I wished
I could just leave the other bitch
But homie it's just not that easy
Thought of hurtin her, made me quesy
Cause I did love her, that's a fact
But our relationship started to lack
I just could never see her
And to be shallow, you are much prettier
So I worked up the balls and put an end to that
And after a while, I stepped up to bat
I said "fuck it", asked you out

You said yes and, baby I was proud
Neva been with a girl quite this sexy
And you never got mad so, you never test me
I don't understand how you're so cute
And I don't know if you'll always be my boo
All I know is that I love you

[The Worker]
I've been waiting...
Waiting on the right girl to come...
(repeat many times)

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