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[Rhyval: Intro]
Whats your intentions
Dolled up don't need man, got on everything
To raise a mans attention
Eyes stoned, medusa
She look at you like the rock
Playin with that goose, get stuck with a duck
Couple shots to the top, to get caught

[PartyNextDoor: Verse (x2)]
Faded, swear to God I'm faded
My bitch educated, had her clients pay the payment
She don't need a damn thing my bitch look like Tammy Toe
Hit the strip like every week plus we burn up half a note
This that life that got no limits, my b's will never be pimped out
Condo out in countage like that nigga from New Orleans
I'm the nigga from the set though
Block been hot since get go
Makin' money nigga, makin' money since umbilical
I'm still ridin down Centennial
Real nigga know where the real strip be
Real nigga know what the real hit be
Real nigga know what the real lit read
And if it all goes down, she down for me
And if it all goes down, I'll probably make a mil with her
Probably make a mil with her [x4]

[Rhyval: Outro]
Let me feel your medulla oblongata wtih this blah
Cause we talkin that nada
My dream girl show me facades
Killa with the convo make her say ich liebe dich
Thats a holla-caust
Her chest is imported, yea thats over c's
Said that she like me but she love the thugs
These mini hood rats looking for crooks with castles
Thats shoulder shrugs
Met a girl with more than all the above
You can lust if you must, I don't cuff
My woman never sus
Yours usually be sushi, yuck

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