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[Verse 1: PARTY]
Find a plane ticket, come right now
South Beach, when the sun go down

Sau streets when the sun goes down, Sau streets when the sun goes down
There's Gucci this, Gucci that
She used to wear the Baby Phat

Got a budget on yo' ass though
So she let me bust it on her ass (go!)

Hear the claps, that's the instrumental
Girl yo' ass is so instrumental

Since you gassed, let me push the pedal
Every time I lay the pipe, she has a taste for heavy metal
Baby girl, yeah you should be a rockstar
Lay that pussy out, girl, fuck me on a squad car
Leave you tapped down, and felt up, but you knew that (but you knew that)
She love the way I do that

[Hook: PARTY] (x2)
That's right! (x4)
You scared! (x4)

Oh, cause I'mma say the right thing
At the right time, at the right place

And you won't know what to do
You won't know how to react to me

Just relax with me [x3]

[Verse 2: PARTY]
Girl how you wear this loyalty so fucking well?
I wanna tear the kitty, watch the pussy swell

I ain't afraid to cross the line with you
I ain't afraid to do a line with you
This a real nigga talkin' to ya
Sometimes, I feel like I'm talking through ya
19 living like a dope boy, double Ms, valet got me feeling like a coke boy
Ball at Bal Harbour while you Gucci down
Roll out a whole ounce, we get it and roll out
I tell you you the baddest, just cause you should know (you should know)
But, you be the baddest, that's ya usual, usual

Baby girl, yeah you should be a popstar
Lay that pussy out girl, fuck me on the sport car
Leave you tapped down, and felt up, but you knew that
Don't you love the way I do that?

[Hook: PARTY] (x2)

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