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It's bout to go down (15x)

[Pastor Troy]
Ay yo, this ya boy PT baby
Ay y'all man it's 2004 man, it's the new year, y'all know what time it is
It's going down
PT, 2004

[Verse 1]
It's going down, this the year
Ice ya wrist baby, rock ya ear
Put ya mink on, get ya drink on
It's going down, it's going down
Pop the Crys baby, pop the Mo
Where the blunts at, blaze the 'dro
It's going down, listen here
2004, this the year
It's going down


[Verse 2]
It's going down, I'm afraid
This the year, we getting paid
I'm talking big cheese
I'm talking Bentley's
It's going down, it's going down
2004 baby, make some noise
For them Down South Georgia Boys
Get ya home girls, they can ride too
If ya going with me, it's going down boo


[Verse 3]
It's going down, I'm feeling good
Another year, to rep my hood
It's going down, I'm buying whips
Take a month man, take a trip
It's going down, I'm in Brazil
With two white hoes, I'm bout to chill
So it was real, later boss
Don't hit the cell phone, it's turned off


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