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In my freshest L's, I'm sleeping in Hell
Working for this Fantasy you could call it Channel
Younging on his grind using his mind to excel
I Put a pen to a pad now its time to rebel
Yea, Cause this the summer that I bring change
I told Lee, they ain't gon be ready
Send these bitches to the Plank, I ship Claim
Read the Fucking Name, We tryna make that Steady

Yea, Dolla$ coming for them fuckin' Dolla$
And I'm the man of the year, the century, the decade
The Millennium, the month, or the day, I don't give a shit
C I see You
Werd App Back up in the Bitch

The word listen got the same letters as silent
So mu fucker shut the hell up, and pay homage
Straight Garbage
My spit game sicker than if Brian Peppers sprayed vomit
Smoking on the Same Tropic, Buts lets Change Topics
Talking bout you got a Dollar Sign in your Name and you broke
That don't make any sense, Well Mu fucka I ain't tryna make cents
I'm tyna add more signs to the end of my name Shifting Lanes
Cause All of your shit is so lame
If them songs are only catchy your genre is pop
You never been to the Chambers of 36 and you tryna enter Hip Hop?
That shit stops, My Clips Locked
Loaded Ammunitation with Heavy Precision
Ready to Kill Em' God Willing Its time, to be Succesively Glad
So that they could learn from my flo, like a proggresive Ad
Just leave early like a bad club
Me and the Money coming together, Birdman Hand Rub
Yea mu fucker, I overnighted a rap career out of dust
Never dreamed it as a child, Never thought that flow would be Wild
And now I'm going Senile cause, I don't know if I could pass expectations
Before they pass out a date of expiration I'm less than half of Eminem
Call that 3 mile, Ya stay in that back seat child
In control of my own drive and we no longer patient
Cause good things come to those who move their ass and aren't waiting
Yea, I Play the Booth, Strain the Roots
Trying to Shine Bitch, Craig Sager Suits
Trying to choose between Music and School
Amused by the Rules of a Pool
They only want you to jump if its higher than 3 feet
But I'm tyrna show my chest when I'm finna succed
Money Stays in the Tummy and I ain't digesting my greed
And I'm still repping the Apple more than Johnny Appleseed
Bars on Fire like we threw the match on a prison covered with kerosene
That boy Dolla$ Crazy
Hotter than Ashley Sky, You resemble Kenny's Lady
We Tryna Ball, ya can keep the reality wives
I'm the Best Damn Rap Show Period in my Salley Disguise
Ya been feeing for That Boss Shit
That you know I should Floss shit
That wanna battle me put up yo Cost Bitch
They say my flow suffered over this year But I'm still feared
I'm constipated for life, Mu fucka I ain't lost shit
Ya bitching about the future, still saying half of the games whack
All of my games crack, Your Musical Veign Hacked
Ain't Nothing Plain about this Pat, I still got bueno Musica
And lots of goals like you pulled the goalie in Fifa
Who Gone Tame This?
Who gone stop the flame bitch?
Fuck What you saying, I'm just tryna Cop me a Sane Bitch
Ya know your role, go ahead and play it
Sit Back Relax and let me kick this shit, straight, up Ignoramus
I said I said its Dolla$ Bitch
Tracking It I’m Running It, You Lacking It like Cumming Quick
Nobody near Me like I’m Up in Punishment, Astonishment Abolish Shit
Gave You My Sole, You Polish It, Gave You My Brain you Swallow It
Fucked Up in the Booth like College Chicks
Hi There Bitch You Looking at a Real Motherfucker
The Type That See’s a MILF and immediately wants to fuck her
I Said, Swag Below, Zero Cause I Don’t Rock Designer
I Met So Many Chicks Named Kick Rocks that I’m starting to climb her
But Chill, Your iTunes is about to be to breached
And Not even by a gangsta or a dude from the streets
Boi I'm whiter than the walls in which ya mother just cleaned
Fuck Reality I rather die living a dream
I'm the One check the oracle
Doing what I oughta do
City on my Shoulders Tryna Reach Big's Point of View
This is NYC till the Death
Change Coming Soon Sorta Like your last breath Mu Fuckaaaa!

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