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Throughout this curse
I’ve caught scent of the worst
Turning off the lights
Before a child says “night”

Impatient of the child’s sentiment
Not wanting to be affectionate

Rushing their night, to suffer more in my fight
To perceive humans as if they always spite

Although, I’ve embraced the supreme
Thus, I didn’t have to dream
Those good sensations were like drugs
I couldn’t let go of

The smiles are weird
I tend to smack that smear

Regardless of my soul feeling serene
My soul feeling clean

Horribly unaware, there are different labels
Separately stable and none were considered fable
If there was no point, why am I here?
To be lead on with fear, to wail out in tears?

If those folks believe life is nonexistent, if it is pointless
Why do they repetitively rant to the hopeful and elated?

Because those people contradict themselves unstated
“Pointless”, still ranting shouldn’t they be dead, gone of success?

I let my ideas come, I let them go
They seem to intricate for anyone to know

Ultimately, I forget them as I detach
During many moments, I’m hard to catch

As the fish swim fast
There is not a chance to catch them and dash

Once with a red sky, there is a lethargic loner
Half and half, I may be its new owner

These times are really rare
Not even a prayer will clean the swear

A person will either be eradicated by rue
Or strong enough to move on through

Though our destinies are different than our fates
Because death awaits to clean the slate

And destiny is the amalgamate of our dreams
Brought to the living world, more than they seem

I am we, we are me
As these doctrines are the choices from which we believe

Each intolerant of different lands
Some of them, we will never stand

Inequality is infamy, forever living on
Until we bear arms,we will always cause harm
For the reason that a person says I am pointless or I am the worst
Will incite crimson and bloodshed will burst

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