Patrick J. Dimosthenis – Peace Lyrics

Produced By: Pete Rock

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[Verse 1]
Now I was buggin' at when I bust my grammar, I'm a make sure it hurts
Been a friend since those days of the Xbox 360
But your bitch ass has fallen in love
You fuckin' pixie, what?
You want to meet up and have our cliques meet?
I'm not about to die for anyone but myself now
Hoes get horny, brothas' die, that's been the rule now?
Love does crazy things; takes you for a nasty swing
For all you know, she could leave you for a fuckin' twig
I'm actin' bitch-made? you actin' like her damn slave
Have some logic and some reason
You're not in a damn rave
Relationships? Inevitable
Cupid is taking people alive, shit is incredible...
It's cool though; you're a fuckin' fool though


[Verse 2]
If this comes down to being foes, hey, you might rue slow
Then again, do your thing, brother
I guess I was trippin' like the time I was the "other"
Connection, part of many computers
I was just the bootleg, tryin' to jack some wifi
In fact, nobody has to fuckin' die
I just tried to keep a friendship on the line
If we don't talk, so be it
Perhaps we'll talk again...last words? Keep it real, man...
...I see your birthdays' comin' up
Got a notification, on the iPod touch
Such and such, blah, blah, I'm hysterical! Ha ha!
You've fallen in love with La-La
I'm keepin' composure like a monk
I'm out like...fuck
Just fuck it


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