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I've told you time and time again...
It is in my nature to be informed of an even worse outcome
The mirror cannot be broken, sadly
Like a bat, the light catches my attention...
I cannot touch it as if it were lava, They laugh
My jealously woes and Satan was once and Angel
My judgment is florid
My horns are at their summit...
It is not their fault, blame the source
The bayonet has cut me and it is still embryonic
When shall I get my reward?
Perhaps it is for the best of these creatures
Leaving the curse mark on my neck, I know now where I belong

'Normal' is not in my blood, So I shall spare your life
Why hasn't this one burnt itself?
I am fed up with the angels not knowing the truth!
Satan, I am a slave only to you but there shall be a day I shall overcome you..
Because the war isn't over yet

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