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Yo, I'm like coach hines
You fuck it up once and I give out an extortion

My mind's outta proportion
Almost like it's distortion
Out of all that money, I'll get all the portions
These suckas wanna fight me for it? bring it on!
After I'm done, I'm a hit up this chick named Milan
Not into detail like these other fuckers
Just know she's unique unlike any other woman
Back to my days, I was on some murder shit
Thinking about who I was going to end right quick
But I'm a changed man, cause the cops are some faggots
Feeble like flies, feeble like maggots
I ain't trying to go out like Niko Bellic
Appointing the artillery; I'm a rellic
Fuck parental discretion
It's my profession, til I reach progression
Through this expression
My aggression ain't suppressed, I confess
Nonetheless, I repossess your shit like repos
Go through legal documents and hit up the depot
Now, who wants to play me in a game of silos?

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