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[Paul Wall - Talking]
It's Paul Wall and Mike Jones, we The Future baby, we comin' soon
It's the Swishahouse, know what I'm talkin' 'bout?

I'm the Chick Magnet, I'm the People's Champ
I'ma playa on the mission for the benjamin's and grant's
I stay up on my toes like a ballet dancer
Boys questioning my gangsta I got 17 answers
At the club I don't post up in the V.I.P
I'm just chillin' at the bar with my thugs and G's
I got the heart of a hustler, the mind of a nerb
Comin' from the 7-1-3 the city of syrup
If you don't like me, come blow me
Michael Watts chop and slow me
Alot of partners and homies
Some real some phony
Some fans get my autograph then talk down on me
The internet still be hatin', but the streets still love me
ButtoScene got my back, with extasy and crack
We call in Iraq with the laptop attack
I don't cap on my fans I shoot craps with my fans
On the way to Dallas in the Swishahouse rap van
I got my middle-finger up with my boy Bun-B
I came in the game a group but now I roll 1-deep
Supersonics on my screen, watchin' C-Say & Joker
Rashard Lewis goin' out flushin' boys like poker
Got plex?, like John Lucas I'ma sharpshooter
Paul Wall and Mike Jones comin' soon is The Future, baby

Swishahouse know what I'm talkin' bout?
It's Paul Wall the Chick Magnet in stores already..

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