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[Hook: Petey Pablo]
She got it
Slick intentions and tricks
On top of tricks
This bitch the bomb
Angelina Jolie good head
With some Lil' Kim titties
And legs like Serena
First time I seen this trick
And then I just got my twenty-one

Forty five hundred before I went to sleep
And woke up with a twenty and a one

[Verse 1: Petey Pablo]
Go bad
Go hard
Get yours
Hold the couple a dollars
You got put up for me
Momma can do something nice for you and your daughter
You ain't gotta look over you shoulder
I ain't looking for ya'
From one "Gangsta bitch" to a "Gangsta nigga"
This ain't "and us"
Fuck it, and we ain't falling in love
Fuck it, we fucking
I need to tie you up
(Man, I'm sitting there playing Blackjack, dick hard as a motherfucker)
I knew what time it was
(I been drinking them free drinks them bitches give ya', and Ole Lordy here she come)


[Verse 2: Petey Pablo
I would of paid her rent
Fold up all my bet
As bad as I want that there
And that car cost a hundred grand
And I don't even know your ass
And I'm talking about a hundred grand
How it feel to know ya' stole four
When ya' could a had ninety-six more, bitch
Ain't check but one pair
Why you ain't check the other pair
The other pair was in there

If you'd a took that there


You got that
You got that

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