Pharoahe Monch – Haile Selassie Karate Lyrics

Produced By: Samiyam

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[Hook: Mr. Porter]
I said I ain't gangsta even though I grew up in the hood
I just wanna feed my people, so misunderstood
Struggling (struggling), hustling (hustling), trying to make it right
I just wanna spread the light to help us free our minds

Well oh yeah, you are now in tune to www.fuckthemmotherfuckersradio
Where you will only hear the real shit

[Verse 1: Pharoahe Monch]
E Pluribus Unum, all-seeing eye, ocular exam
The Apocalypse, back by popular demand
Innocuous, but still leave a stage with blood in my hand for the populous
Put a fist in the sky
"Licensed to kill" italicized into my ID
Iraqi Illuminati
Haile Selassie karate, John "The Beast" Mugabi
King Jaffe in the lobby with the fur made of a lion
The eye of Horus, Mount Zion vibrant
Prominent constellations of Orion (whoa!)
The reason why my stars are in alignment (uh)
The renegade, an Allahu Akbar rock star
Tossing homemade grenade CDs at NYPD cop cars
Just to get the revolution to pop off
Fraudulent stock, funded with Louis Vuitton knock-offs
Hijacking helicopters, detonate your metropolis
While I'm in the cockpit, politicking like Stephanopoulos
And my esophagus is quite atomic when I vomit
This is bio-engineered ergonomics
The formula, truth divided by innovative ebonics
Times Goose, lime, crushed ice and a splash of tonic
Nigga my past lives are astronomic
Smoking hash in a cathedral with Nostradamus

At mass, discussing Martin Luther's "Free at Last" speech
Step on my British Walkers get your ass beat


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