Pharoahe Monch – So Good Lyrics

Produced By: Pharoahe Monch

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[Verse 1]
Let go of your fears
Don't run and hide
Just open up
Let me come inside
Earth is what heaven is
Once we get into it
It's no need to speak
Just want to do it
You feelin' depressed
Give it to me
Your stress
Give it to me
Give it to me


[Verse 2]
Very provocative, plus a little deeper
You mind if I get a little deeper
Got something to share with you
I got wisdom to teach you
Sexiest spot, something to reach you
In the clothes you were born in
Late in to night, again in the morning
Say, schboo, your face, your taste, your skin, space, I'm in


[Verse 3]
Seventies black zodiac poster positions
Venus and Mars is the god kiss the star system
Recepshirage dick is hard with the bard's rhythm
Stay up the paws, lick at guitars with the god's wisdom
It's starting to rain (yes)
Such a beautiful pain (give it to me)
Undisputable claims (give it to me)
For a suitable


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