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[Hook: Phonte]
We go off, say who go off
Nigga we go off

Flow fitted to a tee dawg, I might go golf
On stage in all black dawg I might go goth
Say I might go floss, cause we go hard
I mean macro-hard not Microsoft

Party time excellent nigga I might go Garth
Cuz we go off I said we go off
Yo, hold up

[Verse 1: Phonte]
Niggas looking like fools punching out of their weight class
Looking like food under pressure they break-fast
It's looking like school and I'm the invincible principal
Joe Clark and you niggas sign in get a late pass

Yeah nigga, I go boss, cause once the buzzer go off
Don't nobody give a fuck what you ranked as
It's only wins and losses,
Benz and Porsches
So pardon if I offend any friends or sources
That never seen the hunger, no meager portions

Starvation, bar none like Klondike
They sayin' Phonte's the incarnation of verbal murder
Pin it on me like prom night nigga

Cause I go off, yeah I go off
Negro spiritual rap, slave to the rhythm lookin' like I might go North
Cause I go off, yeah I go--
Yo, hold up

[Verse 2: Pharoahe Monch]
Pharoahe the god strike the mic hard like Ty Cobb with a bat
Physicist the antithesis of Steve Jobs when he raps, Mac
Sick gonorrhea clap
Onomatopoeia, smack the shit out you, you have no idea

Send a stranger to rearrange your Range Rover, key your Kia
P'll see ya via satellite with money longer than Nia's
Fuck chivalry I will end a chick's career
And return to forever, I am Chick Corea
At O'Hare air with surface to air missles for your Lear
What you will hear before I send you to visit Aaliyah

Proceed with caution, he strikes with force and of course
You need to borrow some sorcery with a cross to bear
And a culture enforcing the nuclear laws of North Korea
So awesome, when we morphin'
Pharoahe, Tigallo
We go off and go often
Yes yes y'all

We go off, say who go off
Nigga we go off
Flow fitted to a tee dawg I might go golf
On stage in all black dawg I might go goth
Yeah we go floss, we go so hard
I mean macro-hard never Microsoft
Stomach and the titties out, baby girl go Ross
Cause we go off yeah we go off, yeah

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