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What is life? There are millions of answers but my favorite would be this analogy. That life is simply an accident, a car accident to be precise.

You are simply a being driving though life, residing within an object representing your surroundings. This is your hallowed apparatus. Its made from various elements, created in a time and space that you will never be a witness too but it stands now as the vehicle of your acceleration.

While all these many elements came together to create this apparatus, they become one much like an amoeba and like an amoeba it takes its own shape, making it unique in the world much like each and every one of us. There may be others of the same make or model but there will only be one that is yours.

Now that we have covered the metaphor of the car representing surroundings and direction. We move into the action of life, which is one slow and drawn out accident. Regardless of our surrounding elements, strung together by our existence it all falls down eventually. The pieces of it will lay beside the voice you never use, being your consciousness. All the things you think and believe but will never say are represented by the car’s stereo system. In an essences its the one true you, devoid of societal influence.

The accidents or incidents in our lives change us, for better or for worse. These experiences turn what we begin to, a simple life focused on such innocent and easily obtainable things, into a mess of color much like a kaleidoscope. These experiences change our outlook on life and our perception of success.

The ending line of this stanza makes use of culinary terms, being that food is a major contributor of our continued existence and turns it into the product of our own destruction. Our mind becomes the yoke, mushed into a deformed state through constant life changes and the T-bone.. Well i’ll let Mike Birbiglia explain that below…

…I am T-boned. That’s the culinary way of describing it. It means that I am hit, driver’s side, at a 90-degree angle, like a T-bone steak. And it was by a drunk driver, who probably would have enjoyed that.

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April 7th, 2014

oh shit, Pio serious…

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This line wraps up the extended metaphor used through the second half of the song. Aes relates himself to a computer that is Pumping disenchanting anecdotes and antiquated data at ‘em which is a rather perfect metaphor considering his social separation. He references the Casio computer company because it was one of the earliest computer company’s founded (1957) and the earlier the computer the more complex it was to operate.

Relating himself to a complex operating system from the past is in direct contrast to the second couplet of this line. Even though he sees himself as a complex person he can’t mold that into the right thing to say in conversation.

Referencing Casio could also be used a relate himself to a past time or to say that he has fallen behind recent trends/technology.

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Aesop has expressed through numerous songs his displeasure with his inability to adapt to the society around him. Good examples of this sentiment can be seen in both Leisureforce and Gopher Guts from his most recent solo album Skelethon. It is also a belief he has made prevalent, although scattered through most of his work, but not until his most recent work has he placed a blatantly negative spin on it. In his earlier works he tended to acknowledge this trait and continue to scoff and observe others as they passed through life while being content as an outsider looking in, but after a lifetime of this he has begun to regret it when he is confronted with his own ineptitude at sustaining relationships with others.

He sees himself as sub-human in a sense due to this flaw in what most people do naturally, fit into a mold. While being an individual does have its advantages it can lead to isolation which is something Aesop has had to deal with in the past. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing completely depends on your perspective at the end of the day. Something Aes himself can demonstrate over the passage of time

Now be gracious, these minstrels turn a bully cycle civil
By dissolving the candy coated image down to the pixels

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Hello, you may also know me as PioZon and I have been a member of RapGenius since mid 2012. I’m always open to hearing any of your grips with the site or issues with anything, personal or technical. Just give me some time to get back to you because I’m a busy guy! You are most likely to reach me late night or early mornings, but rarely during afternoons.

You can also approach me about artists that tend to get little to no shine, feel free to look at my last.fm to get an idea of what I’m listening to. You can also check me out on twitter and make sure to swing by my Wall of Music when you have a spare moment and want to find some new talent to listen to.

You can email me at RapGeniusPioZon@yahoo.com with anything, just be sure to put RapGenius in the title! You can also send me a private message through Rapgenius HERE.

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Didn’t even spell his name right, damn that’s pure beef. Poor “StraigtFace”, his one fan is surely feeling the pain.

also that one fan is StraigtFace.

This line refer to him buying followers on Twitter, tho.

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  1. Intro
  2. The Way It Goes
  3. Hurt
  4. Melody
  5. She Got’s To Do It
  6. Rico Suave ft. Rage
  7. They Want It
  8. Authority
  9. France (Interlude)
  10. Shining Star ft. J-Hop
  11. Prominence ft. Young Tre
  12. Can’t Get Away
  13. Permission To Speak
  14. Never Lose

Rap group, So Brilliant, brings a new twist between west cost and dirty south with this new album. With some amazingly emotional samples, and impactful lyricism on society, this project goes hard.

You can pick up the album on their bandcamp for $10


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  1. Real Rap
  2. My Time
  3. They Lyin'
  4. Brothers (Feat. L'A Capone & Lil Durk)
  5. Questions
  6. Don’t Know Me
  7. Tax Season
  8. Six Double O (Feat. L'A Capone)
  9. Fuck Niggas
  10. Ball
  11. Shit Real (Feat. Fredo Santana)
  12. The End

The e-streets go wild for RondoNumbaNine’s follow up to his popular Real Nigga 4 Life mixtape from October 2013. He keeps up the momentum by following it up only 5 months later! Thats some work ethic!

You can get this mixtape on datpiff!


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Southern Californian MC Maiselph released two albums on the first this month. Both albums have a smooth production value with conscious lyricism. Maiselph is a smart guy and if you’re interested in hearing his world perspective, then check these project outs!

you can get both of these albums on his bandcamp

Check the stream below for a sample!

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An extremely clever line referencing the state of disarray Sage Francis is in. Half of his body is awake and half of it is asleep, making note of the contrast his body is in while going through the phases of withdrawal.

Along with the use of the sun, Sage draws in the moon as a representative for the end goal of sobriety. He also references the fact that moonshine is a term for high-proof alcohol. Stating that it hasn’t made him drunk yet means that he has yet to reach the end result, referring back to the state of disarray asserted by the first half of the line.

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When people are doing a good deed, is it always truly for the good of others or is it for self interest? While replanting trees into a forest we are constantly destroying for resources is a good thing, that doesn’t mean its always for the right reasons.

Some powerful entities such as governments or corporations will do socially responsible things for ulterior motives such as repairing their own successful image when the truth could be the opposite.

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you dont even know what you are doing do you

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