Playaz Circle – Duffle Bag Boy Lyrics

Produced By: Jay-R & M16

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[Intro: Lil Wayne and Tity Boi]
(Yeah!) Weed and syrup 'til I die
(Okay, new Playaz Circle)
As a matter of fact, it's gon' kill me, BITCH!
Cause you ain't! (Tell 'em, shawty!)
So get high (Tell 'em, Weezy!) or get low

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
If I don't do nothing I'mma ball
I'm countin all day like a clock on a wall
Now go and get your money little duffle bag boy
Said go and get your money little duffle bag boy get money

And I ain't ever ran from a nigga and I
Damn sho ain't bout to pick today to start runnin

Look honey I ain't never ran from a nigga and I
Damn sho ain't bout to pick today to start runnin
get money

[Verse 1: Tity Boi]
Tha beat so hot, the flow is so ice cold
Walk into the Gucci store, honey I'm home
I am on my shit I need a Pamper on
Toilet paper on the side for example homie
I, get, money
I know you niggas ain't heard no shit like this
And while you wishing on that fallin' star
I'm in a foreign car smoking out with the doors ajar
Suede sun roof hanging out the big top
We leave the dealership head to the rim shop
You niggas barely dressing I got thousands piling
That's that salad dressing I'm on my Thousand Island
Wildin, styling, I be I get so much money it's my I.D
Don't try me and if I don't do nuthin I'mma fuckin ball
And I ain't bout to start runnin nawl nigga nawl


[Verse 2: Dolla Boy]
Ain't nothin to a boss we ballin when you see us
We hear them haters callin they too far off to see us
Unless they got they glasses on get your bifocal game
Class is now in session now try to stay focus mane
Your boy ain't good enough style ain't hood enough
Would've could've should've won't do with us true enough
Need a ho break a ho never nuthin new to us
Turnin hoes to house wives never been cool with us
Soon enough all these dealers are gonna catch up
Til' then fuck it I'm winning so I'mma stack up

Flows like a river the current is so rapid
Hit with the ratchet thats how shit happens
Next time you're yapping make sure it be about big money talk
Let that lil' money walk call me what you want but don't call me for front

Southside I got what you want come holla at me

[Hook x2]

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