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Went to sleep real, woke up realer
Goon affiliated, ex drug dealer
Resume solid, street cred bigger
Clique full of soldiers, all of us killas
Never seen one, I'm what they call a real nigga
Pockets full of cash, body full of liquor
Put my whips on it, but he ain't triller
If I don't know ya homie, hands on the pistols

[Hook: Trey Songz]
You lookin' at da man, stacks and rubber bands (yup)
Actions for the cameras, you can ask the fans cause
They say I'm da man, watch me pull my pants (up)
Watch me do my dance (yup), stacks and rubber bands (yup)
You lookin' at da man, whip on 22's
Toastin' when I move, askin' what it do
You lookin' at da man, watch me pull my pants (up)
Watch me do my dance (yup), stacks and rubber bands (yup)

Key to the city, name carry weight
I don't FUCK with niggas, most of 'em fake
You wet behind the ears, jumped off the porch late
Where I'm from homie, only the goons ate
Came up slow all off of shake
Grandma dyin', hard to be straight
Just left court, my dog lost his case
They gave him life homie, all for the 28's


Product of the hood, came from the gutta
Been through it all, still remain a hustla
Ride or die homie, before I fuckin' struggle
Choppa game serious, got it from my brotha
Learned the hard way, streets dont love ya
Snitchin' at a high, dope game in trouble
Whip game shaky, then you gon' suffer
I'm da man homie, can't deny it sucka


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