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"And I escape like MacGyver" (Action Bronson – Pouches of Tuna) | pending

So… I notice you are saying “he” rather than “I”. Are you saying the character who is rapping is not you? or… Action Bronson is a character? I’m not trying to be rude by saying that i’m just… confused when you say he instead of I. My friend suggested that it might be an alter ego type persona but I was doubtful until I heard you saying “he”, and now I see it is somewhat possible for that to be the case.

"Lei’d with Jasmines" (Mike G – Dead Wrong) | pending

I have lived in Hawaii and I don’t mean to be rude but Hibiscus (yellow) are the Hawaiian state flower. Google let me know that South Carolina’s state flower is Carolina Jasmine (Yellow Jessamine). If you actually believe the state flower is Jasmine, then this explanation for the reasoning behind the line makes perfect sense. I am not arguing with your meaning of the line, just pointing out the fact some people might be confused because you may be confused. I guess i’m just attempting to make things clear to others. Even if your meaning is accurate to your own interpretation it might not make sense to others.

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